RENK – MAAG Gearboxes

Joesten is proud to be the sole Distributor of RENK-MAAG products in Southern Africa. RENK-MAAG GmbH with manufacturing facilities based in Winterthur, Switzerland is a leading provider of high-technology, high speed turbo gears, and marine gears.

Having being founded in 1913 MAAG-Zahnrader has been the forerunner in the development of case hardening techniques, gear cutting, gear grinding and the breaking of new ground in gear design and development. Today the RENK-MAAG gear sizes range start with 5000kW with a large gearbox population in South Africa in the chemical, mining, power and oil & gas industries.

RENK-MAAG GmbH is a company active worldwide which manufactures and supplies the proven Turbo gears of the MAAG type. For all MAAG Turbo gears ever produced RENK-MAAG is in a position to fabricate spare parts according to the original drawings.

The Synchronizing Clutch Couplings developed by MAAG for application between gear, electric motor, turbine and compressor are available for various power ratings

The MAAG Synchronizing Clutch coupling (MS Clutch) is ideally suited for energy recovery and are couplings which engage and disengage automatically. They are capable of automatic engagement at any speed within the operating range as soon as the driving machine overruns the driven machine.

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To download the RENK-MAAG Synchronizing Clutch brochure Click here…

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