Gear Pumps

Maag Pump Systems

Joesten is proud to be the sole Agent for Maag Pump Systems in Southern Africa.

The Maag Pump Systems AG group was founded by the world renown MAAG Gear-Wheel Company Ltd and manufacture and supply gear pumps and systems for process applications. Maag Pump Systems AG has pioneered the development of gear pumps for handling a wide variety of media in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, and is currently the world leader in this field.

Our best references are the numerous pump systems being used in a wide variety of industries. Our thorough knowledge of product applications is the base of the quality services Maag Pump Systems offers.

This technology has been applied in other chemical fields for the extrusion of various materials in the cast film and sheet manufacturing, tubes and profiles, cables and hoses and blown film and rubber industries.

Maag pumps are also used in lubricating applications with output pressures of up to 120 Bar and deliveries to 900 l/min and are being used by some of the worlds leading compressor manufacturers as lubricating pumps. Continuously operated equipment calls for reliable components. Whether in lubrication oil applications or in processing plants, a pump is required to work inconspicuously yet reliably. Precisely the environment in which Maag Pump Systems’ tried and established gear pumps develop their full potential

Today Maag Pump Systems is part of the Dover Pump Solutions Group (PSG), headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, USA. PSG is a global leader in positive displacement pump solutions and the reliable transfer of critical and valuable materials.

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