Automatik Pelletisers

Joesten International is proud to be associated with Automatik Plastics Machinery, part of the Dover Pump Solutions Group as sole Agent for the in Southern Africa.

Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH was founded in 1947 as “Automatik Apparate- und Maschinenbau”. In its early years, it built apparatus and equipment for the national plastics industry. It was only at the end of the 1950s that the first strand pelletiser was sold, which even today remains one of the company’s core areas of expertise. Automatik Plastics Machinery developed into the world’s only system supplier for the three pelletising processes of strand pelletisation, underwater pelletisation and drop pelletisation.

Today, the plant is a centre of excellence for the production and assembly of pelletisation systems, screen changers and even complete systems. The company’s 82,000-square-metre facilities offer a broad vertical range of manufacture, with large production and assembly areas, a welding area (with permits for pressurised containers), a warehouse and an experimentation and pelletising centre. The site is certified to ISO 9001.

Whether for complete high-performance production systems, small machines for lab applications or anything in between, Automatik Plastics Machinery tailors solutions to meet exact customer requirements and preferences. The Automatik Plastics Machinery product lines comprise:

  • P-USG and M-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems
  • PRIMO, BAOLI, JSG and M-ASG dry-cut strand pelletizing systems
  • SPHERO® underwater pelletizing systems
  • DROPPO® drop pelletizing systems
  • AERO, CENTRO and DURO pellet dryers
  • Process and components for CC-PET® direct crystallization

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